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AmeriPlan Dental® Programs for only  $25.00 for Households make 
it an excellent and affordable choice for you and your family!










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AmeriPlan Dental® can Save up to 80% 
off your Dental Care Procedures!

Order AmeriPlan Dental® NOW!
Only $25.00 per month

What you can expect from your dental program:

No waiting period for the dental portion of the program. You can go to a dental provider as soon as your membership is activated!  For prescription and vision it only takes about 10 business days to get your ID card to start saving with those health care needs too. 
No paperwork to complete! Instant savings!
No restrictions on age or how many visits you can make!  All ongoing dental problems are accepted, except for orthodontic treatment which is already in progress. 
No surprises! Your monthly fee is guaranteed for 2 years!
Vision, Chiropractic Care and Prescription medications programs are included as part of your dental program at no extra charge!
Excellent savings on cosmetic dentistry such as bleaching or aesthetic bonding in selected markets!
You may cancel your membership at any time upon written request to AmeriPlan®.  It's that simple!

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Happy Members are saying:

"I had my teeth cleaned and x-rayed, and I saved $65.00. Well worth it... I am very pleased with my dentist, Dr. Cahen. With me, he's got a patient for life. I've even recommended him to my friend who has an expensive dental insurance plan."

"I saved $150.00 three weeks ago when I had my teeth bleached. It would have cost $300.00 without AmeriPlan®. Over the past two years, AmeriPlan® has saved me over $3,500.00!"

"Recently, I had a severe toothache on a Saturday night. I called around and was told that it would cost me $200.00 just to open up the dentist's office! I waited until Monday and went to an AmeriPlan® dentist; it was my first time using the plan. I remember going to the bank and taking out a large amount of money, having no idea how much it would cost me. They took x-rays and extracted the tooth for a total of $57.00, Without AmeriPlan®, this would have cost me around $345.00. I was so happy! My wife couldn’t believe it. From that day on, we kept using AmeriPlan®!"




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